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Determine the commercial weight of natural or man-made fibers with Emerson’s highly accurate and reliable Model 50021 Conditioning Oven.

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Model 50021 Conditioning Oven


Emerson’s Model 50021 Conditioning Oven is highly accurate and consistent, allowing for statistically accurate weighing of samples of natural and man-made fibers and materials. The commercial weight of a product is obtained by taking the difference between the gross weight of a sample and its weight after being scoured and “conditioned” (dried) in the oven.

Emerson’s Conditioning Oven has two feed through rotatable carousels, each carrying multiple sample baskets. A balance positioned between the carousels with an access port permits weighing the contents of each individual basket without removing samples from the oven.


  • Free-standing floor model
  • Meets ASTM D2494
  • Provides optimal heat profile for drying natural and man-made fibers and materials
  • Air electrically heated by low-watt density heaters and circulated with powerful internal blower
  • Dries entire sample, including areas not exposed to the air
  • Feed-through rotatable carousels and access port permits weighing contents without removing samples from oven
  • Calibrated exhaust blower removes moisture-laden air from the air plenum, not the oven area
  • Temperature control Digital-set and continuous-digital readout with proportioned heat control, up to 50 step thermal profile, chart recording, and various communications options (RS232, RS422, USB, Ethernet).
  • Custom laser tuned “J” type thermocouple with reduced thermal range for increased accuracy and enhanced response time.
  • Element control Solid state switching relay extends the life of the electrical components and eliminates RF noise by switching the current load at the zero voltage point of the AC cycle.


  • Temperature 150°C (105°C ASTM D2494)
  • Accuracy ±1°C
  • Capacity: 16 Baskets (4.74″ diameter X 7″)
  • Power: 220VAC, 24A max, 5300W, 1PH, 60Hz
    16A surge typ., 10A normal operation
  • Sensor: “J” Type thermocouple, grounded
    0 – 521°C range, 600ms response (47°C rise)
  • Switching: SSR, AC zero cross, 45A