About Emerson Apparatus

Setting the Standard for Precision Testing Equipment Since 1908
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Since 1908, Emerson Apparatus has been setting the standard for engineering and manufacturing precision laboratory testing equipment for industrial applications.

Manufactured & Supported in USA

Our products include Compression Testers, Crush Testers, Sample Cutters, Test Fixtures, Speed Dryers, Conditioning Ovens, Vibration and Shake Testers, and a wide range of other innovative products—all of which are designed, manufactured, assembled, and supported in our integrated facilities in Gorham, Maine (USA). By maintaining 100% of these processes here in the United States, we are better able to ensure quality control and that all processes meet Emerson’s exacting standards.

Emerson Apparatus supports all equipment it sells and is readily able to adapt and customize orders to meet the specific needs of customers.

A Trusted Leader

Emerson Apparatus has a record of success and leadership in the field with products that routinely exceed industry standards. Emerson has grown into one of the most trusted producers of high quality, cutting edge laboratory testing equipment.

Emerson products are designed and manufactured to ASTM, ISTA, TAPPI, and other applicable industry standards.

Software Innovations

Lately, Emerson has pioneered software interconnectivity with its Compression Testers and Crush Testers. All are pre-loaded with the latest software and are literally ready to plug in and use “as-is” with little set-up required. Emerson can even retrofit your existing testing equipment (whether it’s an Emerson product or a competitor’s) with our new software and electronics upgrade package.

Reliability and Performance

Our customers rely on Emerson for precise, user-friendly testing equipment they can utilize to maintain quality and consistency in their testing requirements—which translates into savings in production costs, improved product quality, and increased customer satisfaction both for them and for us.