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Emerson Apparatus Centrifuges are designed for maintaining sustained acceleration levels to verify that equipment will not detach from its mountings during emergency maneuvers and landings. They accommodate payloads to 500 lbs per arm-end and 400 RPM to 150g. Our centrifuges comply with and exceed RTCA/DO-160G and MIL-STD requirements.



Emerson Apparatus’s Centrifuges are scaleable for larger or smaller test items and/or acceleration levels. Multiple facilities, safety, and enclosure options are available

  • Complies and exceeds RTCA/DO-160G and MIL-STD requirements (150g Capability)
  • Accommodates payload to 500 lb per arm-end
  • Also capable of 150g at 400 rpm with +/- 3% acceleration accuracy for small test articles
  • Unique 360 by 360 boom end plates eliminate re-fixturing and reduce test time by 80%

Digital PC-Based Control System

Multiple ramp and dwell steps can be programmed and a report generated for each test for four channels. Data capture channels each have radius position impute.

Slip Ring

  • 24 Circuits rated 2A
  • 12 Circuits rated 10A
  • 4 mm ID housing, ABS, L= 127 mm *other options available

Enclosure Concept

Centrifuge enclosure is manufactured from 3/8” rolled steel plate. This construction provides a degree of safety from components that may fail under test and break free.

  • Round shape allows un-obstructed air circulation during operation
  • Circular design allows maximum access to the test unit with the most efficient use of floor space
  • Enclosure interlocked to the control; will not allow function if in the open configuration
  • Enclosure can be substituted for a dedicated room or installing centrifuge in a pit

Centrifuge Enclosure

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