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Precision Testing Equipment for Industrial Applications

Emerson Apparatus is a leading manufacturer of Compression Testers, Sample Cutters, Test Fixtures, Speed Dryers, Shock Testers, Mechanical Shakers, Package Testing Equipment, and other Laboratory Testing Equipment for industrial applications. We engineer, design, manufacture, assemble, and support testing equipment and software at our integrated facilities in Gorham, Maine (USA) to applicable ASTM, TAPPI, MIL-STD, and other specified standards.

Emerson’s newly redesigned Model 1210 Crush TesterNewly-Redesigned Model 1210 Crush Tester
Emerson’s newly redesigned Model 1210 Crush Tester features touch screen capability, whisper quiet operation, and other enhancements, including a recessed, heavy duty console to shield from glare; embedded dual-plane RFI shielding for advanced noise immunity; enhanced G-shock capability; a larger staging area; plus various other design improvements and updated components. MORE +

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Custom Sized Compression Testers
Emerson Apparatus can customize any of our Compression Testers (from Model 2210 to Model 8510) to meet your specific platen size and platen opening requirements, as well as custom software and testing needs (pictured: modified 2210 compression tester). MORE +
Emerson Apparatus Coefficient of Friction Incline Friction Tester
Emerson Apparatus Coefficient of Friction Incline Friction Tester
Measure slide angle friction of a sample sheet substrate such as paper, corrugated, plastic film, or paperboard. Slip and friction testing aids in the evaluation of chemicals and additives used to create and minimize the degree of friction between two contacting test specimens. Simple operation. MORE +
Emerson Apparatus Speed Dryers
Using the latest technology, our newly-designed heat system consistently maintains a temperature range proportionally across the entire working surface of the speed dryer, eliminating any non-linearity of heat and utilizing the entire test surface. MORE +
Emerson Apparatus MODEL 2210 Compression Tester
Emerson’s versatile benchtop Compression Tester for material and package testing features touch screen capability, new testing and report features, increased dynamic response, increased sample rates, additional user-defined settings, and graphics and performance enhancements. MORE +
Emerson Compression Tester Rapid Return Upgrade
Faster platen return speed, software enhancements, and heavy duty power-train. Available for newer/previously upgraded Emerson Compression Tester Models 6200, 6210, 5200, 5205, 5210 & 7200. Customers with older Emerson Compression Testers, upgrade your tester first with our compression tester electronics & software upgrade package. MORE +
Emerson Compression Tester Electronics & Software Upgrade
Emerson’s compression tester electronics & software upgrade brings your older machine to current technology with all new electronics and software running Windows Operating System. For Emerson Compression Tester models 6200, 6210, 5200, 5210, 7200, and 8510. MORE +
Emerson Model 1210 & Model 2210 Enhancements Upgrade
Windows OS and new hardware adds stability, accuracy, speed, and provides storage for thousands of test results. PLUS you get additional reporting features, data logging capabilities, the ability to output files as .CSV and plot data points with MS EXCEL, and various graphics and performance enhancements. MORE +