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Warranty Information

All purchased Emerson Products include a one-year standard warranty for the original buyer. Emerson Apparatus warranties its products against faulty workmanship or use of defective materials for a period of one year from the date of shipment to the original purchaser. The liability of Emerson Apparatus under this warranty is limited to exchanging, repairing, or issuing credit, at its option, for any goods that are returned by the purchaser.

Review Emerson Apparatus warranty and shipping information.

If you have an Emerson Apparatus product you wish to return, do not do so or issue debit memos without prior authorization from Emerson. Return authorization can be obtained by calling . . .

Inside the USA and Canada
1-800-445-1055 (excluding Maine)

Inside Maine & Outside the USA
IDD 1-207-856-0055

The return shipment freight should be prepaid. No collect shipments will be accepted. Emerson will return the product freight pre-paid. Terms are FOB Gorham, Maine USA.

Emerson's one-year standard warranty shall be IN LIEU of any other warranty expressed or implied, including but not limited to, any warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or fitness for a particular purpose. Emerson Apparatus accepts no responsibility for claims for consequential damages. Any representations, promises, warranties or statements made by Emerson Apparatus's Agents with respect to merchandise do not constitute warranties and shall be given no force and effect.

*Where IDD is your international dialing prefix as may be required when making international calls to the United States.