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Edge Crush Test (ECT) Fixtures

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Emerson leads the way with our patented ECT Holding Fixture, which utilizes the mechanical clamping method referenced in TAPPI Test Method T 839. The clamp method produces consistently higher results than the wax method, with ECT values equal to or better than the wax method and without the variability often associated with it.


  • No waxing
  • No neckdown cutters
  • One sample size for all board
  • Repeatable results
  • Less operator influence
  • Yields low standard deviation
  • Easy Operation


  • Sample Size 2" X 2"
  • TAPPI Test T839 OM12
  • Shipping Dimensions 10" X 3" X 7"
  • Shipping Weight 6 lbs


NEW! Emerson Certified ECT Calibration & Maintenance Kit
Required to re-calibrate the parallelism of Emerson's patented ECT Fixture Required for maintenance on the friction paper on the ECT
Fixture Confirm calibration on site Easy to use

  • Kit Includes:
    Parallelizing Block
    (2) Adjustment tools
    Precision Work Surface Plate
    Replacement Friction Paper (4 pieces)
    Instruction Manual

NEW! ECT Calibration & Maintenance Kit Instruction Video

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Emerson Edge Crush Test (ECT) Fixtures


Emerson Certified ECT Calibration and Maintenance Kit
Emerson Certified ECT Calibration & Maintenance Kit


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